60 is the new 30

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Do you remember 30 years ago, when many 60-year-olds were barely able to function in the competitive business world? To be in shape? To be a vital part of a healthy, sexual, intimate relationship? Thank God times have changed. And they’ve changed in the most beautiful ways ever. Well, now 60 is the new 30.

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel is one of those people who can attest to the fact that being 60 years old is the start of something big. Something new . Something big. And something vital in our society today.

As he is about to turn 61, one of the most influential people in the world of personal growth has a few things to share about aging in America. His work and his age, is being heralded by celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, who calls him “the new leader in the positive thinking movement.”

Here’s what David has to say about aging in 2017, 2018 and beyond….. 

” if someone would’ve asked me 40 years ago what my life would look like at age 61, it would’ve been a far cry from the way I live today. And I’m not alone. Aging in America is a thing of the past. But, if you want great results in life you’ve got to be willing to put out the effort.

On the flipside, there are many 40 50, 60 and 70-year-old men and women in the United States that are in horrendous shape. But it comes down to personal choice. If you look in the mirror today, and you’re happy with what you see… Rock on. If you’re not happy, follow tips below so that you can see what it feels like, and understand why, I believe that 60 is the new 30 in our country today.

Number one. Diet. Need I say more? Beginning in your 40s, if you’re not paying really close attention to eating clean, your 60s are going to feel like someone who’s 110 years of age. Diet is the number one cause of disease in our country today. High blood pressure. High triglycerides. Type two diabetes. High cholesterol. Fatigue. Insomnia. So many of these conditions can be tied directly to our diet. If you want to feel like you’re 30, when you’re 60 years of age or older we all need to be eating a super healthy, clean diet.

Lots of lean protein.Lots of vegetables.Medium amount of fruit.And a lower amount of complex carbohydrates like bread, cookies, crackers, rice and pasta.

I recommend my clients , if they want to lead the healthiest life possible, to eat only organic foods, or as many organic foods that are possible. Most major supermarket chains are starting to lean towards offering a lot of organic options, so the price points have gone down dramatically over the past 20 years. Good news for you, the aging American, that wants to feel and look like they’re 30 years of age.

Number two. Attacking your shadow side. Now this might seem weird, coming from a guy who loves to look young, feel young, eat healthy, exercise daily and do the work he loves.

But this 61-year-old can tell you firsthand, that until I attacked my addiction to alcohol and drugs years ago, I would not have the energy, or look as young as I do today if I continued drinking on a regular basis.

Look at your Darkside. What habits do you have, alcohol, smoking, fast food, gambling, etc. etc. that could be aging you before your times?

At first it might seem like I’m offering a boring life. But far from it. When I look at friends of mine, who are the same age, that are on six, seven or eight medications a day for cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more… I know right away it’s because they haven’t taken care of the demons within. The Darkside. The things that we don’t want to talk about, the things that we are embarrassed about.

Work with A counselor or a coach starting right now! When you decrease your stress, you increase your vitality.

Number three. If you would’ve asked Jack La Lane, how he looked so incredible into his 90s, he was one of the leaders of the fitness Revolution that we could see on television when we were kids. But why haven’t more people taking his advice? Why do we have 80% or more of Americans who are sedentary in life?

The people in their 60s and 70s today, that look and feel like they’re in their 30s, can attribute most of it to an exercise program not just their genetics. We have to make an all out commitment to a daily exercise program, which of course could be uncomfortable at first, if we want to have the energy and vitality of a 30-year-old. And it sure is worth it.

30 years ago as a fitness expert, I was on the cover of multiple magazines including Men’s Fitness. Ironically last week, the 30th anniversary of men’s fitness magazine came out and there I was again! The cover of the magazine I did 30 years ago was featured in one today.

And guess what? Because of my commitment to exercise, I’m ready to be on the cover of men’s fitness once again. At 61 years of age!

You can do this too. I don’t have any secret other than dedication and perseverance… And you were born with those two things as well. Exercise 5 to 6 times a week, and 12 months from now you will have a radically transform body.

Number four. Our willingness to help others. This is one of the greatest antiaging secrets that I could discuss today. When you’re willing to help others, who are in need of your service, it’s amazing how much more energy you bring into this world.

Some people do this through activities like Habitat for Humanity. Others through their church.Others through alcoholics anonymous meetings. Others by working with Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or the boys and girls clubs of America.

Some people read to the blind. Other people bring meals to seniors homes who can’t get out. It doesn’t matter how you offer your time and expertise, but it’s crucial to give back, in order to feel like you’re in your 30s when you’re in your 60s 70s or 80s.”

Number five. Daily meditation, prayer, journaling is an absolute must in order to calm the mind, open the spirit, and take on the energy of a 30-year-old when you’re 60, 70 or older.

Over the years so many studies have shown the connection between high functioning immune system’s and people who regularly are involved in some type of spiritual practice.

For some it might be church, for others spending time every morning in nature, for others yoga, or Pilates… Can actually be spiritual exercises.

Having gratitude, especially in writing, every day for things that you are appreciative of is crucial to be able to have the younger mindset, but not only mindset also a younger body.

You can Google videos on YouTube for beginning meditation, visualization, and other relaxation techniques in order to get a jumpstart, and reducing the effect of a gene, enhancing in your mind, body and spirit.

I hit my first number one best-selling book at the age of 60. Even though I had written eight previous books, and have been writing books for over 21 years, the culmination of all of my effort finally took place at 60.

When I look at my daily schedule right now, it is quite amazing to think that I put in, easily, four days a week 12 hours a day committed to my work… two other days during the week I work eight hours. For a total of six workdays per week.Sunday, is absolutely a no workday for me. I’ve done the same hours for over 30 years, Without the feeling of overwhelm or fatigue.

Now how the heck does this happen? How can a 60-year-old, going on 61, continue to put huge hours in on a weekly basis without Burn out or fatigue?

It’s funny as I look back 30+ years ago, when I was on the cover of men’s fitness magazine, and I look at who I am today, there is very little separation between myself 30 years ago and today. As a matter of fact, along with being able to put in very long hours and loving what I do, my physical body is in better shape right now today it’s 60 then it was 30 years ago!

And 30 years ago I thought my body was in great shape, and obviously a major fitness magazine thought the same , in order to put me on their cover.

So here’s a breakdown of my day-to-day activities that has a lot to do with how, not just myself but millions of baby boomers around the United States, can look as good or better than they did 30 years ago.

Morning routines. As I share with my counseling and coaching clients, if you don’t have a really strong morning ritual to get your day off to a good start, you’re already behind the eight ball, and I believe this is one of my keys to ongoing energy and peace of mind.

Upon arising I take amino acid supplementation, that helps with brain focus and attitude, along with my coffee that is made with half decaffeinated ,half regular coffee.

The first hour of every day is committed to journaling, gratitude, prayer, meditation and a feeling of being connected to this world. I believe anyone can do this. It may mean that you get up earlier every day, but we all have the capability to start our day off on the right foot.

I keep all news, negative media, out of my space for at least the first two hours every day. After doing my morning rituals in my house, I take my rescue dog, Saints, an Italian greyhound for a 30 to 40 minute walk, while I continue my words of gratitude and prayers for this world. This is my second grounding exercise of the day, and I haven’t even begun to think about work yet.

Upon returning home, I drink a protein shake, with a special high B vitamin powder, as well as a vegetable powder, followed by probably 15 to 20 different nutritional supplements.

On my way to work, I’ll have an organic burrito in my car, as well as some clean sparkling water.

I eat every 3 to 4 hours during the day in order to keep my blood sugar levels normal, so I don’t have a huge difference in energy throughout the day.

In the mid afternoon is when I work out. I seriously believe in strength training, either free weights or machines, combined with cardio equipment during this time. I find this time helps me de-stress from the morning work, and also gives me more energy to continue my day, which normally ends about 9 PM in the evening.

At 9 PM when I arrive home, I have a dinner, which is always a high source of protein and about 3/4 of a pound of steamed vegetables. This is extremely beneficial for my blood sugar levels and my energy going into the evening.

After getting all my clothes ready for the next day, including gym clothes, I make sure my 3 to 4 meals that I’m going to eat the next day while I’m at work are all boxed up, and ready to go.

At this time I’ll take my dog for another 30 minute walk, where I review the day in my mind, offering gratitude to God for all the things that went well. I think gratitude first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening is crucial to help us all stay centered and balanced.

After returning from walking Saints, I then go back into a slow down mode, where I’ll choose a mystery novel or something that has nothing to do with work whatsoever to relax before I go to bed.

If it’s basketball season… Forget it! I laugh as I say this, but I’ve been a basketball junkie ever since I was a little kid. I played basketball at Syracuse University for two years, then on their junior varsity team, but I still follow it with passion and exuberance today. It is an outlet, offering both excitement and a way to take my mind off all the responsibilities I have as a counselor, coach, author, radio host and speaker.

The program that I write about above is not impossible for anyone to follow, if you truly want to feel, and maybe even look 30 years younger.

The one thing I encourage everyone that I work with to do, is to make sure the work you’re involved with is a passion. One of the greatest stressors in this world is to go to work five days a week, 40 hours a week, doing something you can’t stand. That increases the aging process. I will also admit that my Sobriety is a huge reason that I have the energy, attitude, and stamina that I do today. I struggled greatly, over 25 years, as an alcoholic and cocaine addict even while doing the work I love in the world of personal growth.

A lot of my clients say that they don’t have a problem with alcohol, that they’re able to control it… But when we looked closer they really aren’t able to do so.

If you can have one small glass of wine at night, or one drink which would include only one shot of liquor, or even one beer in the evening, I don’t think that that will get in the way of you looking and feeling 30 years younger.

However, many people consume much more than this on a regular basis, while others will wait and not drink during the week but then have four or five drinks every Friday and Saturday night. I promise you that overtime, this will destroy motivation, energy, and a sense of groundedness.

And it’s obviously the same for smoking, over eating, or the abuse of any type of pharmacological or street drugs.

You, and sometimes with a lot of work, can live with the energy and passion of someone 30 years younger. Are you ready to do the work? The benefits are well worth it.


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