CNN Style Shows, Facebook Live, Youtube Live and Recorded Programs

CNN Style Shows

Our CNN style shows are very popular.  Our live and recorded shows include those done on Facebook Live and Youtube. We have included a couple of attachments that will help with Articles and our Recorded and Live Programs.

Facebook Live, YouTube Live Recorded Programs

Our recording platform is with  We currently do live and recorded shows on either Facebook, YouTube or both,  Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm Pacific Time. Bloomer Boomer produces these programs that resemble a CNN style interview.  These are all in a video, television like format.  They are often converted into podcasts and repurposed material for social media and blogs.  It provides vertical integration for many audiences and enhances Google searches.  Many articles posted on Bloomer Boomer rank on the top of search engine queries.

We invest on average  3-hours of pre and post production plus pre-promotion on every show so it’s very important to adhere to the appointment you booked and if an unforeseeable problem arises please notify us ASAP at 916-900-8764 or email We take pride in our top quality production and equipment to make guests look and sound good and compelling to the audience    We will need the guests mobile phone and email in case of last minute updates or in case the guest is having set up problems.  Many shows are promoted prior to airing and others are boosted through paid advertising so it’s important to follow simple directions to help make the experience easy and fulfilling.

The Programs

We do three shows as part of the Plus 50 Good Life Movement:

1.  Focusing on a wide range of issues of interest and importance to people over 50.

2.  Our Global Festival series focusing on festivals large and small around the world.

3.  A health cooking show.  Sometimes we talk about light and serious stuff, either way our audience finds a take-away that for them, makes the show worth watching and hearing.

Guests are passionate and our host will focus on what resonates with our viewers.. Shows are usually under 30 minutes but we don’t have a hard end point. We strive for a non threatening conversation as if it’s with a friend next door.  We bring more than 20 years interviewing and editing experience to create compelling engaging programs

Zoom Video Guidelines 

1) Pleasing background.

2) Light in front of you,

3) To eliminate audio feedback, listen in 1 ear, nothing covering both ears.

4) Keep camera straight ahead (not above or below head level),

5) Look straight into the camera.  

6) Because we add lower-third graphics, a loosely framed shot works best.  That means setting far away from you webcam looks better than too close and it provides more room for graphics.

*Bonus Points – Keep head in the upper third of frame so the studio has room for “lower third” (name/title/etc) without blocking your head. Frame yourself with lots of space on the sides. Not a tight shot. 6) Remember you must be connected to the internet via wifi or cable.  We will need your email address to send you the link to the interview via Zoom.  Simply follow the email instructions and you should not have any difficulty logging in.  You must be connected to the internet or wifi and of course, your computer or device must have audio and video capabilities.

Technical Stuff – So you don’t get caught by surprise

We have migrated to the Zoom application for our video connection.  Guests will be using both video and audio.  Minimum requirements for your internet with high-definition video  requires an upload and download speed of at least 1.2 megabits per second. Do not use a data connection on your phone because it will not reliably transfer the stream required for good quality.  We will need a mobile number of the guest to contact before the show if necessary.    Our office phone is 916-900-8764. Our Skype id is: andypanda27.   For a video interview, be in a quiet space with good lighting (not back lit) and a pleasing background.  USA Today did a good piece that is helpful in setting up the call.


To get on the show schedule, scroll down the left sidebar to the “Book Now” button.  You may schedule any date that is available.  

Content Goes A Long Way

Guests will  benefit by our vertical audience reach achieved through repurposed content on Instagram, Pinterest, website articles, iTunes podcasts and guests should boost awareness on their social media, articles and email with backlinks to Bloomer Boomer and liking, linking and following BB with their social media accounts pointed at BB.  It would be greatly helpful for you and us if you involved your community through social media.  


Any questions? You can contact us at or call 916-900-8764 We look forward to hearing from you.  
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