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Facebook Live, YouTube Live Recorded Programs

We currently do a live show Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm CDT. Bloomer Boomer produces the live program with live discussions.  These shows are  converted into podcasts and repurposed material for social media and blogs.  It provides extensive vertical integration for many audiences and enhances Google searches.  Many articles posted on Bloomer Boomer rank on the top of search engine queries.  As opportunities come available we also produce pop up shows throughout the week.


We produce a weekly podcast on the Good Life Movement +50.  It focuses on what everyone is doing who are crossing the deep, wide, ominous canyon that divides the world defined by work and that assigned to retirement.

A Conversation

Sometimes we talk about light and airy things other times it serious stuff, either way our goal is that the audience finds a take-away that for them, makes the show worth watching and hearing.  It’s hard to predict the length of any particular conversation with a live guest, it could be ten minutes or an hour.  Finally, we strive for a conversation more than an interview, perhaps a minor distinction other than to explain that if this conversation comes  as more of a chat with a friend, better.

Technical Stuff – So you don’t get caught by surprise

All interviews are done via Skype.  Despite all the complex recording equipment normally associated with video and audio – we have used them all – it turns out simple, ordinary Skype gets the best results.  But there are a few important things to know.  First you must sign up for a Skype account.  We will need your user name, and phone number where we can reach you at the time of the interview.  Ours is 316-927-2289. Our Skype user name is: andypanda27.   If it is an audio only interview,  be logged into your Skype account, be in a quiet room, and speak up so we can hear you.  For a video interview, be in a quiet room without background clutter.  USA Today did a good piece that is helpful.

Several Show Outlets

We stream live on Facebook Youtube and  Bloomer Boomer. We vertically integrate on iTunesTwitter and live streaming services.  We can  accommodate prerecorded conversation as an option that are dropped into the live feed.  This is a weekly sequence of Wednesday’s at 11am Central Time for later expansion beyond the one show a per week schedule.  Meanwhile the best news is the technical infrastructure is in place for awesome programs that will be good for you, the audience and community. 

More Content

 We are boosting original articles and refocusing curated material for our growing email list, which means if you have articles, even press releases angled toward the +50 audience, without being salesy and pushy, we will make every effort to post it, give it full SEO treatment, provide artwork if necessary and send it out through social media.  By the way, over the years Bloomer Boomer articles have  gotten top placement on Google by virtue of its strong organic search attributes.


We are experimenting we a fixed show schedule and pop-up shows.  Both formats a treated the same with promotion, ample social media and professional production. We can be flexible for those hard to schedule appearances and difficult time zones.  Scheduled shows are on Wednesday 11am CDT.   We ask the guest be available within a 30 minute window from the top to the bottom of the hour where we will take it live within the show.The connection is via Skype.  We will need to exchange Skype user names and a good phone where the guest will be at the time of the appearance.  You will find us on Skype at: andpanda27.  For last minute questions or concerns, the office number is 316-927-2289

 Content Goes A Long Way

Guests will  benefit by our vertical audience reach achieved through repurposed content on Instagram, Pinterest, website articles, iTunes podcasts and guests should boost awareness on their social media, articles and email with backlinks to Bloomer Boomer and liking, linking and following BB with their social media accounts pointed at BB.  


Any questions? You can contact us at info@bloomerboomer.com or call 316-927-2289 We look forward to hearing from you.  Let me know what works best for you and we can move forward with further details and scheduling.  

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