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+50 Good Life Movement

Four years ago Bloomer Boomer started curating great articles for an amazing audience and now has  added +50 Good Life Movement which is about many things including epic content that is now original fresh material pushed out to our great loyal community.  We are seeking articles about every topic of interest to our community which is really no different for anyone else but our topics and content have a voice uniquely engaging to this community.  And, we are willing to make a surprising commitment that your article will get posted, if it meets the general guidelines that it’s not overtly promotional with information useful to our community.

Unusual Promise

We promise to post your article.  That is a broad promise but actually we have been able to stay true because of our simple guidelines and our partners share our mission of +50 Good Life Movement.  The article needs to have some sort of tie-in to our audience and not be overtly pushy or promotional.  If you have a question about that policy feel free to ask.

Broad Guidelines

The working guidelines are fairly broad, ideally between 250 – 500 words – longer if okay – headings and subheadings, key words identified if possible, with an image(s).  For writing credit, please include a bio and headshot.  Any support images are much appreciated.  Email the article and images as an attachment.   So you don’t have to wait for us to alert you when the article is live, we promise to get it posted within seven days of receipt.  You can easily find it with help of the prominent search portal at the very top of the website.

Social Media Collaboration

You don’t owe us anything, you’re not obligated but it would be highly appreciated if you would link your website and social media to the article at  Also please Like or Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  We will be making a huge effort to do the same by sharing your article on social media as well.   Working together makes a huge difference in getting out the word.

Green Light SEO

We strongly encourage writers to factor in SEO into the piece.  Every article we post is graded for SEO strength and Readability.  If not reaching a green level of optimization, we will make changes to strengthen it, however changes are generally minimal but make a huge difference for internet discovery. As you can expect posting articles on a daily basis can be time consuming and gets more-so if back and forth copy editing is required.  For that reason we generally will not await editing approval.  If you wish to contribute in the form of paid content, that is a different matter to work-out. Well written fresh and paid content exclusive to Boomer Boomer gets more social media and email promotion.  Finally there are no contracts for writers.

Live Show Guests

Something to keep in mind we have launched a weekly show on Facebook Live, Youtube Live and streaming on websites so if you also have access to a thought leader or passionate interesting guest we can look at them on the program.  If you are interested, click here for details.

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