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About Bloomer Boomer: Baby boomers are set to perform another transformative feat in the fashion that defined them from the beginning. As they hit their milestone boomer birthdays at about 11,000 a day they will be redefining the economies of housing, healthcare, education, finance and tourism to name a few. With annual spending power of $2.6 trillion representing a quarter of the population reaching and making a connection is the key.  BloomerBoomer.com was founded to provide the force for reaching that key audience as Pew Research shows 9 out of 10 seniors with a household income of $50,000 or more are now online. The Bloomer Boomer on-line publication engages people over 50 using multiple delivery platforms. Hourly and seamlessly we collate news and information from publications worldwide, delivering timely and engaging stories, focused on the interests and needs of this dynamic audience.Bloomer Boomer produces weekly video news updates and production of original content programs that can be watched on the BloomerBoomer YouTube Channel, its iTunes Channel and on the website.

With  a wealth of amazing people, Bloomer Boomer has tapped into the minds of leaders, thinkers, experts and everyday people who provide perspective, advice and information. Dozens of fascinating and informative interviews are published, written and talked about. These long form recorded shows are available, all within easy access on the website and the Bloomer Boomer iTunes channels, YouTube and beyond.

Mix all that with some fun and interesting activities, whether it is for a rock ’n’ roller, grandparents, gamers or someone looking for a good deal at the store, they will find BloomerBoomer.com a home to visit often.

All the content is free and available on a home computer, tablet or mobile device.

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