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About Bloomer Boomer

Bloomer Boomer is  life after 50 where millions join to thrive.   “Embrace Life, Empower Dreams and Embrace Age” describes how it feels as the clock ticks away, friends and family change, careers end, our bodies begin screaming at us,  yet hope and dreams remain profoundly important. The mission of Bloomer Boomer is the beginning of new opportunities.  That’s what we do at Bloomer Boomer and we share everything with this amazing community. Your are welcome to join.

Boomer EBC Inbound Marketing and Advertising Designed For Leaders

Should you jump on the Boomer Enhanced Brand Content bandwagon?

Enhanced Brand Content or Boomer EBC is quite the trend amongst most Boomer content providers. Baby Boomer is an extremely crowded marketplace. Sellers always try and differentiate their message from the pool of competitive narratives.

With EBC, you optimize your content by conveying a brand value, providing customer relevance, increasing customer engagement to a strategically targeted consumer.

Boomer EBC has disrupted conventional wisdom in the way we differentiate the listing from the whole niche and is a factor that significantly improves your conversions and also increase your sales message.

The Bloomer Boomer on-line publication engages people over 50 using multiple delivery platforms.  It has the technology to hourly and seamlessly collate news and information from publications worldwide, delivering timely and engaging stories, focused on the interests and needs of this dynamic audience.

Bloomer Boomer produces weekly CNN style programs and started production of original content shows that can are watched on the BloomerBoomer YouTube Channel, its iTunes Channel, on the website and streamed live on Facebook and YouTube.  It is an unparalleled marketing force for business leaders who want to reach this amazing community.

With such a wealth of amazing people, Bloomer Boomer has tapped into the minds of leaders, thinkers, experts and everyday people who provide perspective, advice and information.  Dozens of fascinating and informative interviews are published, written and talked about.  These long-form recorded shows can be listened to and transcribed versions are also available, all within easy access to the website and the Bloomer Boomer iTunes channels.

Mix all that with some fun and interesting activities, whether it is for a rock ’n’ roller, grandparent, gamer or someone looking for a good deal at the store while not shying away from the important more somber living challenges, visitors find BloomerBoomer.com a home to visit often.  And for marketers, nowhere in the landscape is there anything so strong and effective.

Andy Asher – Founder – Following a 35 year career in the Media and Entertainment industry Andy made a career switch to investing and finance.  But his love for the media never waned so when the time was right he launched Bloomer Boomer.  It started as a passion project but grew way beyond expectations.  Bloomer Boomer is going on now 10 years and  the force for people over 55 and the catalyst behind his 2020 book release,  Bucket List: Boomers Second Chapter