Vision Statement

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There is a point in life where we all eventually realize that the calendar is catching up with us.

My name is Andy Asher and I am the founder of BloomerBoomer. Shortly after hitting 60 I started to examine what life might be like as I face my next chapter. Should I expect a continual downward slope or what I hoped to discover the long awaited freedom from constraints and restrictions.The answer came a few years after that milestone birthday when I took up with a group of weekend warrior cycling buddies.  They helped me realize my vision for the future.

I saw a bunch of peers full of passion and purpose with no plans to jump on the downward slide. Exactly how I felt but I needed the validation they provided.

But why was it such a struggle to find a definition or blue print for the next chapter. I think it is because until then life was clearly laid out for the most part, if you followed an orderly process and didn’t hit too many bumps along the way.

Media as we know it today is largely a diet of news and entertainment, targeted at people between 18 and 54. In our media driven society we see the reflections of people much younger than older folks like me. I remembered my early lessons in college where I studied journalism, and the view of ourselves is in a large part defined by the influence of the media.

So the evolution of Bloomer Boomer as a digital multimedia magazine that reflects life for our generation. It displays the bloom of life for baby boomers and beyond. The BB website is a place to learn, be entertained, ask questions and connect with others.

Oh, by the way, a few summers ago my weekend warriors, ranging in age from 60 to 71, completed a 400 mile bike ride down the coast of Northern California.

Live life. Live well.


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