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Bloomer Boomer currently has several affiliate links for advertising, so if you have a product available we can collaborate with you in promoting your product.  Please ask for more information.

Paid Content

We accept paid content in the form of articles, video and infographics.  Prices vary so please ask for a quote.

Our Best Offer

Bloomer Boomer seeks a few collaborative partners who understand the value of Seller Persona and it’s effect on improved customer experience and increased sales, motivated to connect with 80-MM potential community of the Plus 50 Good Life Movement.

Bloomer Boomer was launched 5 years ago targeting people over 50.  It’s become a unique third party influencer with a box of tools to attract phenomenal customers through agile digital marketing, strategic engaging multimedia content – pushed out via paid and organic social media with optimized content, friendly to search engines.

A Seller Persona have launched many successful businesses and now savvy consumers are basing their buying decisions more than ever on an engaging seller persona.

We are seeking only few partners.  We are looking for:

1. A founder or key person, comfortable as a guest on our CNN Style Shows.

2. Capability of providing byline articles that focus on the Plus 50 Good Life customer persona demographic.

3. Merchandise for use in website overlays, pop-ups and promotions.

4. Discount codes and coupons for merchandise and services.

5. Fulfillment and mailing capabilities

6. Web and social media presence

7. Affiliate sales links for website embedding

Thing point to remember is the 50 Plus community is unique being less tempted by impulse than younger generations and more influenced by research and customer experience that starts with a compelling Seller Persona.  James Dyson learned it with the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum, Sara Blakely with Spanx intimate apparel, and Richard Branson with Virgin Group, three entrepreneurs with a seller persona that sparked phenomenal growth.

At this point, none of this is paid but as you might expect what but instead our revenue model of the future

Feel free to contact us with any further questions and let’s help you grow beyond your wildest dreams.