US Telemental Health Market, Forecast to 2021

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“Many people in the US live in geographic areas that are underserved by mental health professionals and could significantly benefit from telemental health services,” said Digital Health Principal Analyst Victor Camlek. “There have also been several studies and programs under the US Veteran’s Affairs (US VA) to utilize telemental health to serve the needs of military veterans afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, the challenges associated with substance abuse are opportunity areas ripe for telemental health service deployment.”

Although telemental health solutions provide great promises, challenges do exist, including the lack of a standard reimbursement policy and regulation disparity across states. In addition, telepsychiatric services must conform to the legal issues involved in the remote prescription of controlled substances that are associated with the federal government’s Ryan Haight Act. To succeed, telemental health players should look toward embracing strategic imperatives, such as:

  • Focusing messaging on a fact base that reveals the serious supply-and-demand challenges that prevent some people from accessing professional care;
  • Ensuring that technology is secure, HIPAA compliant, and easy for all stakeholders to access, manage, and deploy;
  • Using telemental health solutions to address post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Developing strategies to provide a clear value proposition to state medical boards; and
  • Focusing on service deployment rather than technology bells and whistles.

“The US telemental healthcare market is expected to grow significantly as results continue to be documented with datapoints showing the success of the telemental program. In addition,

political, regulatory, and healthcare stakeholders realize that the potential to offset a serious prevalence of mental and behavioral issues and address the shortage of mental health professionals requires multiple solutions,” noted Camlek.

US Telemental Health Market, Forecast to 2021 forms part of Frost & Sullivan’s Digital Health Growth Partnership Service program.


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