Turning Back the Clock For Men

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Male Tips for Turning Back The Clock

Male Tips for Turning Back The Clock

Older Doesnt Have to Mean UnhealthyTips for Men to Turn Back the Clock

By Darryl Mitteldorf, Founder and Executive Director of Malecare

Worldwide, men’s health suffers from neglect, poor access to medical facilities, under-funded research in male-specific diseases and other disparities in medical care. Education empowers men to care for themselves. Here are some simple, common-sense health tips for men as they age.


Move your body!  Simply moving helps to keep your body strong and stimulates your brain. And it doesn’t have to be extreme—moderate but consistent exercise helps to prevent diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and heart attack, among other age-related illnesses. It promotes good blood flow to the brain and encourages new brain cells, which helps improve memory and mood. Just walking 30 minutes a day can help your mental well-being and reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and the risk of osteoporosis. Walking also helps heart health.


Learn how to stay healthy and happy. Many health conditions are preventable or manageable. Going to your primary care physician or community healthcare center at least once a year lowers your risk of succumbing to cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions. By age 75, Africa American men die from prostate cancer at nearly twice the rate as white men, so, Black men absolutely need to be more vigilant about cancer. Malecare, Inc. is a nonprofit men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy organization that develops practical, life-enhancing men’s health programs. Malecare is also America’s leading support community for African American men who are concerned about prostate cancer.  Visit http://malecare.org/ to learn more about prostate cancer and locate a support group near you.

Healthy Diet

Like it or not, healthy eating is important.  As you age you tend to move less and lose muscle mass, which results in a lower metabolic rate. Your calorie needs decrease every decade. Talk to your healthcare provider about your nutrition needs and take advantage of the free resources provided by the USDA’s MyPlate for Older Adults.

Stay Happy

Studies show that natural changes in the body associated with aging may increase the risk of experiencing depression. Spending time with others of all ages can keep you physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Make sure to do the things you enjoy—any activity that appeals to you will help you stay energetic.

Men’s health education and prevention can be improved.  In order to live a happy and healthy life, make sure to follow these simple yet important steps. Exercise your mind and body through moderate physical activity. Take control of your health by staying active and educated. Seek help when you need it and do not neglect health screenings. Do these things and you are sure to spend all of your years happy and healthy.



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