Top Health Signals to Monitor to Empower Healthy Living

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Your body is constantly talking to you.

It sends important signals throughout the day that indicate key changes in your health. And, one of the best ways to prolong a healthy life is to listen to what your body is saying. Thanks to advanced sensing technology, health trackers can make keeping track of your body’s signals simple so you make health decisions that prevent illness and help you live your best, healthy life.

But what health signals should you keep an eye on?

Check out our list of top health signals to monitor and learn more about why tracking your health and the health of others can be an important and empowering lifestyle addition as you age:



The average adult breathes 12 to 20 breaths per minute when resting or sleeping. When this pattern is disrupted or has a sudden increase it can indicate an oncoming cold, allergies or a respiratory infection. By tracking your respiratory rate at rest you’ll be more aware of changes or breathing interruptions and can consult a physician early on to prevent illness. With the number of allergens in the air, someone who already suffers from a respiratory condition can take charge of their health and have a stronger peace of mind by understanding their breathing patterns.


Heart Rate:

According to the American Heart Association, the average resting heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, depending on your age, gender, and overall health.Monitoring your heart rate while you sleep is one of the most accurate indicators of overall cardiac health. For anyone taking blood pressure medication and looking to prevent heart disease, monitoring your heart rate and watching for changes can help you take the appropriate measures to take action and alert your doctor to avoid potentially life-threatening conditions.


Stress Levels:

Another health factor to look out for is stress. Stress is an unavoidable event for all and can lead to unhealthy decisions like binge eating late at night. These habits are tough to break but with positive alternatives, you can minimize stress that can harm your health. Sleep is crucial in rejuvenating the mind and body, therefore partaking in activities that reduce stress, can help you sleep better at night. Advanced health trackerscan give you a daily indication of how effective your relaxation technique is and empower you to learn what works best for you.

REM Sleep:

According to the 2015 United States of Aging Survey, conducted by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (N4a), top health concerns for Americans over 60 include memory loss and mental health. The amount of sleep you receive each night or more importantly how muchREM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleepyou receive greatly affects your cognitive ability.

REM occurs in the later part of your sleep cycle, most often the time period when you enter your dreams. This is important because during REM cycles your memory is refreshed. Knowing your sleep cycle can identify where improvements need to be made and whether catching a couple more hours of sleep might be necessary to maximize your mental capacity and memory sharpness.

Keeping an eye out for all of these factors can be a bit overwhelming, but with health monitors like EarlySense Live, you can track heart rate, respiratory rate,and your sleep cycle with ease.

The no-contact, under-the mattress monitor makes tracking your health simple with real time alerts and a user-friendly health dashboard that highlights any fluctuations that require special attention. Whether you have a queen size mattress or a single mattress, it will work for you. If a potential life-threatening health change takes place, the user can leverage the connection to AmericanWell to receive an immediate physician consultation.

Best of all,the device gives you the option to share all data collected in an CSV format to send to physicians, family members and caregivers. By adding an automatic, invisible, non-burdensome monitor into your daily routine you can worry less about the future of your health and can age confidently and independently.

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Avner Halperin, CEO, EarlySense

Avner Halperin is the CEO of EarlySense. A seasoned technology expert, Halperin has served companies including Emmunet, Radcom, Lenslet, and more. As the CEO of EarlySense, he is a leading force behind the brand’s commitment to clinically-proven technology that helps older populations age independently and gracefully.



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