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In this episode of “Boomer TV: Embrace Age, Empower Dreams, Embrace Life,” Andy Asher, editor of talks to Michael McCormack the son of a vaunted National Football League players and coach and the story he shares is an unglamorous side of being the son of a football great.

Michael talks about his memories and the roots in pro football. As a kid, spying on my dad’s golf game from an out-of-bounds tree on a course outside of Cleveland, I was nearly drilled in the head by a stray drive. It was legendary coach Paul Brown’s tee shot. I learned to ride a bike as a Redskin. In high school, I chased kicking tees off the field in front of capacity crowds in Philadelphia. My father’s work with the Bengals, Colts, Seahawks, and Panthers framed my life from a young adult into middle age. I’ve had pregame meals of crab legs and Bloody Marys in stadium luxury boxes and flown on team Lear jets. I met players from ex-congressman Steve Largent to ex-convict O.J. Simpson.

And those name-drop are side notes to football’s impact on my life. The NFL’s example of manhood was pounded into me, sometimes literally. I was a pinball to the consequences of winning and losing, considering the outcome of games made or broke more than six hundred Sundays in my life. Then came the mixed blessing of being almost-famous, from getting booed by high school classmates to basking in my father’s moderate celebrity every chance I got.




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