Redefining Aging Myth Busting

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In REDEFINING AGING: A Caregiver’s Guide to Living Your Best Life (Johns Hopkins University Press, November 2017), Dr. Ann Kaiser Stearns, a professor of behavioral science at the Community College of Baltimore County, offers myth-busting insights that will empower family members to cope with the challenges and blessings of caregiving while aging successfully themselves. She couples findings from the latest research with insight into the deeper psychological and emotional challenges of caregiving, as well as the sources of resilience, in order to help caregivers achieve the best possible life for those they care for—and for themselves as they age.

REDEFINING AGING is about aging well oneself, rejecting ageist stereotypes, and endeavoring to reduce the risks of disability or dementia in one’s own later life years. The focus is on giving care and practicing self-care—living the “best possible life,” while coping with the high stress and countless problem solving challenges of caregiving.



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