Explore the Pillars of Functional Medicine & the Significance of Chiropractic Care in Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

Often doctors prescribe a couple of aspirins and ask the patient to call back in the morning. What if your doctor instead of suggesting a quick remedy, sits down with you discussing all aspects of your lifestyle? That is precisely what functional medicine doctors would be doing if you approach them with a health issue. They could be doctors or osteopaths or chiropractic or even MDs. The common element is the fact that that they would be taking a holistic approach to all your health issues. They do not treat your condition in isolation. They would try to find out precisely what all is happening in your life and pinpoint what may have triggered the health issue. Here are some of the salient features of functional medicine.

Patient-Centric Treatment

We understand that patient-centric treatment has become quite popular during the last decade. Patient-centric treatment is the core principle of functional medicine and it implies that doctors would be focusing on the whole patient instead of specific disorder or disease. Rather than identifying the fastest way of eradicating the symptoms, it is the responsibility of a functional medicine doctor to look for the root cause of the issue. These doctors are trained to identify every patient’s individuality instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach.

All about Mind, Body & Spirit

Functional medicine doctors would be probing much deeper as compared to just determining what is going wrong in terms of the patient’s physical body only. They may be inquiring about your spiritual and emotional well-being and may want to know your relationship status with friends, family, and partners. The functional medicine physicians would be helping you to boost and maximize your energy, vivacity, and liveliness instead of just concentrating on treating the disease alone.

Cost-Effective Prevention of Diseases

Preventing a disease seems to be far cheaper as compared to treating a disease. By effectively preserving your health, as well as, mitigating any damage caused by stress, poor nutrition, and exposure to the harmful ecological toxins, the efficient functional medicine doctors could help in saving you substantial money.

How Are Chiropractors Compatible to Functional Medicine?

Chiropractic care is an integral element of the broader functional medicine since it is instrumental in helping patients attain optimal health. Moreover, functional medicine concepts are seamlessly integrated into several chiropractors’ practices since they help in boosting and maximizing their tools for treating patients.

In this context, we must browse through https://www.forbesadvocate.com.au that claims that chiropractic care could be providing the much-desired relief and it can help you with muscle pain, painful joints, and assist in maintaining proper joint function and healthy spine. As they are supposed to be primary contact practitioners, we find that chiropractors usually concentrate on treating your spine for the treatment of health conditions associated with the muscles, bones, and joints. You may seek assistance from Active Edge Chiropractic & Functional Medicine for perfect solutions.

Chiropractors understand their individual customer personas. Some chiropractors would be focusing predominantly on conventional spinal manipulation. However, some other chiropractors have incorporated more constituents into the chiropractic care offered by them according to the functional medicine core principles. These may include nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and even lifestyle interventions. This effective integrated approach could prove to be phenomenally popular with those chiropractors who are known to treat complicated but common health issues like fibromyalgia and fatigue syndrome.


Functional medicine chiropractors would be functioning smoothly in conjugation with some other practitioners for boosting patient’s health. For instance, a patient could be referred by a qualified chiropractor to get a routine checkup done by a trained acupuncturist for added assistance. Similarly, the acupuncturist could refer the patient to a chiropractor. The acupuncturist and the chiropractor would be coordinating with each other and concentrating their attention on the best interests of the patient as he is the sufferer and at the receiving end. 



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