HARDINESS: Making Stress Work for You to Achieve Your Life Goals

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HARDINESS: Ability to Resist The Damaging Effects of Stress

How is it that some people are overwhelmed by the slightest disruption or change in their lives, while others seem to make it through catastrophes relatively unscathed? Or that two people, experiencing the exact same event can react in completely different ways?

“Hardiness—your ability to resist the damaging effects of stress—has a major influence on a person’s capacity to adapt and cope effectively with difficult or unexpected conditions” argue renowned clinical and research psychologists, Steven Stein, PhD and Col (Ret) Paul T. Bartone, PhD.

Based on 40 years of scientific research, Stein and Bartone, have confirmed the importance of hardiness as a stress resilience resource that protects people from the bad effects that stress has on health, happiness, and performance.



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