Can Overactive Bladder Disrupt Life Dreams?

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Dr. Raj Photo 2By Dr. Roshini Raj

Did you know that more than 20 million women in the U.S. suffer from overactive bladder (OAB)? And in the over 55 age group overactive bladder is particularly poignant for women setting goals for their second half of life.

OAB is characterized by a number of symptoms including a strong urge to urinate right away and the need to urinate more often than usual (eight or more times a day), with or without leakage. Although the cause of overactive bladder is still unknown, OAB occurs when bladder muscles contract as the bladder is filling.

While many women believe that OAB is a normal part of aging, it’s important for women 50 and over to be educated and understand the role that conditions like OAB may play in achieving their goals. According to a recent survey of women 50 and over by MORE magazine and Oxytrol For Women, the first and only over-the-counter overactive bladder medication, almost all women, in a perfect world, would like to reinvent themselves. However, nine out of 10 women surveyed admitted they would face obstacles in their quest for reinvention. For some women, a health condition like OAB, could affect their ability to reinvent themselves.

Living with the symptoms of OAB can have a far-reaching impact on almost every aspect of a woman’s life including travel, work, productivity as well as emotional and physical wellbeing. Despite these obstacles, more than 80 percent of women do not treat their condition. Instead, many women rely on coping mechanisms including pads, toilet mapping, wearing dark, padded clothing, and limiting or avoiding social interactions outside the home.

The good news is that there are ways for women to manage their symptoms so OAB does not hinder their reinvention journey! One treatment option is Oxytrol For Women.  Lifestyle modifications include following a daily bladder schedule, pelvic muscle exercises and managing fluid intake. To learn more visit

About: Dr. Roshini Raj is a well-known physician, author, and media expert. She is a board certified gastroenterologist and internist with a medical degree from New York University School of Medicine and an undergraduate degree from Harvard College. Currently, Dr. Raj is an attending physician at NYU Medical Center/Tisch Hospital in New York City, where she was the first female gastroenterologist to join the faculty. She also serves as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Raj has a special interest in women’s health and is the author of “What the Yuck?!The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body,” a book which addresses women’s most embarrassing health questions, covering topics such as overactive bladder.

Dr. Raj is a Today Show contributor, the Good Day NY Medical Correspondent (Fox5) and the Medical Editor of Health Magazine. Dr. Raj has discussed a wide variety of health topics on a range of network and cable shows, including FOX’s Bethenny and The Dr. Oz Show; ABC’s The View and Good Morning America; and The Doctors, among others.



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