“Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil — A Wildcatter’s Memories of Hunting for Black Gold”

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“MOST BOOKS ABOUT THE OIL PATCH usually fall into one of two categories.

The first are tributes to the “greatest gamblers.” The others are tomes about
the earth sciences. Rarely do we get a full-bodied peek into real life in the oil
patch. Fortunately for us, Thomas E. Cochrane has accomplished the latter: a
fast-paced and lyrical stroll through several decades of searching for oil and
gas, punctuated with stories about the greatest gamblers, and insights into
petroleum geology written in a way that is accessible to the general reader.
The honesty and earthiness of the prose come as bonuses. I want to thank
Mr. Cochrane for this latest contribution to the literature on the oil patch.”

― Dr. Bob L. Blackburn, Executive Director
Oklahoma Historical Society




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