Robo Advisor – Right For You?

| January 7, 2020 | 0 Comments | Email This Post Email This Post

Charles Schwab just announced they think they have a solution utilizing Robo advisors, and its platform is expected to launch in January 2020. Is their solution unique? Is this announcement a big deal, and why? Is Robo investing options the way to go? Is a coordinated retirement income approach that is similar to what they are doing better for retirees (i.e., makes their money last longer)? Will this change how advice on retirement savings is delivered in the future? Just a few months ago, Schwab referenced and promoted retirement income research completed by William Meyer, CEO of Retiree Income, at a Financial Planning Magazine event that focused on generating income and withdrawal. Would you like to speak with Mr. Meyer to allow him to answer these questions and offer his thoughts on Schwab’s new planned technology?




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