Brain Power and Hot Cocoa

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Have you heard that hot cocoa can boost the brain power of active seniors.  The study, first published eight months ago is important for those concerned about senior diet choices.  One of the active ingredients, cocoa flavanols is the principle element that shows to provide significant improvements in certain cognitive assessment tests.

First what are flavanols?  They are natural compounds from foods like blueberries, grape, green tea and apples that support cellular and metabolic activities throughout the body.  Another of those flavanols is dark chocolate, obviously where cocoa comes from.  These flavanols have been proven to help the body several ways, including lowering the risk from heart disease.

Now with evidence that the cocoa flavanols have shown benefits for cognitive function in older people.  The study suggests that adding hot cocoa into the senior diet could be one element to maintaining and improving cardiovascular health and brain health.

The study is not 100% conclusive however because it was conducted on a short time-frame.  But the researchers concluded that the data for seniors’ diet suggest a possible benefit from regularly including cocoa into the diet.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that the study was paid for by the Mars Corporation, one of the largest chocolate makers in the world. Also the study was limited because its short time-frame didn’t allow for conclusions about the extent of cognitive benefits and the duration. Nor can it establish whether the observed benefits are a consequence of the cocoa itself or a secondary effect related to general improvements in cardiovascular function or health.

Still, the researchers concluded that the data, “are suggestive of a possible clinical benefit derived from the regular dietary inclusion of cocoa flavanol-containing foods.

Think of it as a good substitute to coffee or tea.



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