How Do I Get There From Here? Planning When The Old Rules No Longer Apply

Baby boomers are finding to their surprise (and often chagrin) that life after 50 isn’t what they hoped, dreamed, or imagined it would be. Nor is retirement. Futurist and developmental psychologist George Schofield deftly explains why life after 50 is uncharted territory, as a series of demographic and economic trends have converged or collided, sending most of us on unexpected detours. Against this challenging landscape, Dr. Schofield uses real-life stories from people ages 50 to 97 to illustrate the curves that life throws at us. In a clear, platitude-free style, he pushes readers to understand why they must adjust plans, expectations, and self-definition, then guides them through their options. In the end, readers will discover the tools they need to cope with change, make plans that are both realistic and flexible, and get ready for the future.

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