Zuckerberg Hopes He Charmed Congress and Baby Boomers

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Zuck’s Congressional Marathon Ends –  One Loyal Customer He Loves – People over 50

By Andy Asher

Hopefully, you have checked out comments on your Facebook feed since the richest geek in the world Mark Zuckerberg faced the grilling from Congress.  On my feeds, I was surprised how many Facebook Friends were thinking twice about staying or leaving.  Baby boomers, by the way, make up a significant segment of Facebook. Pew Research reports 62% of online adults ages 65 and older now use Facebook, a 14-point increase from the 48% who reported doing so in 2015. In addition, women continue to use Facebook at somewhat higher rates than men: 83% of female internet users and 75% of male internet users are Facebook adopters

Boomers Are Social Media Consumers

Baby boomers really like to consume content! With baby boomers making up such a significant section of the consumer population, it’s critical for practically every business to learn how to talk to their wants and requirements. In a perfect situation, you’d probably need a true baby boomer on your advertising team who can help make sure that you’re on the proper track. But in Zuckerberg’s case he’s a little out of reach for anyone but the funny thing even he doesn’t know what it takes to please our population of baby boomers.

The Internet Savvy Generation

Boomers are extremely acquainted with the internet but they might not know very much concerning the things online that are of interest to the millennials. They make up a population that nearly equals the millennials, and they are more active on social media and mobile applications than ever.

Plus 50 Crowd Learning Tech

Boomers are active and growing, with many are still working. Instead, baby boomers wish to be reminded they can live an active and superior life. Most baby boomers aren’t likely to pick up on that sort of stuff.

Boomers tend to make good use of technology.  They may not be able to get under the hood of a computer, but they know how to enjoy it.  Mark Zuckerberg is keenly aware of that and will be very reluctant to disturb that element of his vast community.

After his two marathon days testifying on Capitol Hill sure bet he is rethinking his audience and consumers, he will not want to alienate are those of us over 50.

Andy AsherAndy Asher – Editor –  Andy handles daily operation of maintaining the multiple platforms that compromise Bloomer Boomer. It’s a passion that started with a neighborhood newspaper and progressed through college and a career in broadcast journalism.  He was drawn to Bloomer Boomer largely through the influence of his physician father who later in life specialized Gerontology where Andy could see the great need for a thought-leading publication for people over 50.



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