What you didn’t know you have in common with Bill Gates

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I had a funny realization recently upon reading the announcement of Microsoft’s new CEO and Bill Gates’ step down from his role as Chairman of the company’s board – that even Bill Gates has to continuously ask himself the quintessential question, “What’s next?”!

While many of us may be too humble to compare ourselves to Bill Gates, his idea of active retirement is one worth emulating. For baby boomers, retirement does not mean spending the rest of time babysitting grand-kids, in a rocking chair, or on a shuffleboard court. Granted, life expectancies have expanded while nest eggs have shrunk, necessitating delayed or phased retirements for many. But there’s more to it; boomers as a generation are hard-working, driven, and crave mental and social stimulation. As such, retirement has taken on a new meaning.

As an executive coach, I have found myself over the last couple of years more frequently being engaged by retiring professionals to support them in development of a plan for the next phase of their lives. The common theme is seeking to answer the question “what do I want to pursue now?” Since coaching is Socratic in nature, I pose lots of thought-provoking questions back to my Boomer clients, which tend to be no different than those I’d ask a busy person in the height of his/her career:

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