Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Winner

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14855232 - champion gold cup trophy on a red backgroundBob Dylan‘s well-deserved Nobel Prize for literature on Thursday — turn envious and curmudgeonly if you must, elitist compatriots — makes us want to listen to that well-worn copy of “Blood on the Tracks,” or pull out the hardback version of “Chronicles: Volume One,” or plunge into some of his enigmatic, digitally archived classic interviews.

But the Nobel announcement also evokes something else: the best Dylan moments on film.

Many such scenes come from movies of just the past few decades — in part because of Dylan’s ‎growing willingness to license his songs, in part because of his continuing relevance/new tracks, in part because that’s a prime period a generation raised on Dylan has been making movies — and dreaming of the perfect Bard complement.

Given the cinematic qualities of his songwriting, It’s no surprise Dylan tunes would be featured in so many films. “You know, Bob loves movies, and he can write these movies that take place in eight to 10 minutes, yet seem as full or fuller than regular movies,” biographer Clinton Heylin once wrote. And so we compiled and ranked them.



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