The Road-Map to A Rich Life: Top 10 Investments for True Wealth

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In this episode of “Boomer TV: Embrace Age, Empower Dreams Embrace Life,” Andy Asher, editor of talks to best-selling author and investment specialist Beau Henderson who shares his contrarian advice in areas about saving and investing for retirement. Beau’s message of the RichLife has been featured in media outlets including Fox, The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNBC, and MarketWatch.

According to the National Retirement Planning Coalition, “Despite developing trends that have made planning for and funding retirement more difficult – it is still possible to “Retire On Your Terms” if comprehensive retirement plans are properly developed and managed.”

Studies done by the American Psychological Association (APA), along with other national studies, have repeatedly shown that money is a significant source of stress for Americans.

Through his own family’s experiences and struggles with financial decisions, Beau found a silver lining when he realized that he could make a profound difference in someone’s life by helping them navigate important financial decisions.

Because of that, I wanted to see if you would like to set up an interview to discuss: Financial planning, Retirement planning, Credit Card tips.

Beau’s expertise includes:

– Retirement Planning Doesn’t Have to be Confusing.

– Top Retirement Questions and Concerns.

– Why Millennials Are Ditching Credit Cards.

– Best Credit Card Tips To Build Wealth In 2018.

– Are Your Financial Accounts Protected From Hackers?

– How To Start Your Kids Off On The Right Foot Financially?

– How To Win The Mental Game Of Retirement?

– Why Is Retiring Later Not A Reliable Strategy?

– 5 Common Ways People Lose Their Retirement.



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