The Pioneer of River Cruising for Senior Traveler

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A Great Way to Travel

A Great Way to Travel

Taking an ocean cruise is a great way for couples to spend their time together. Not only will they be able get a chance to spend some time together without having to worry about anything, they also get the chance to be able to visit and see some of the most wonderful spots from all around the world for baby boomers and senior travelers.

However, ocean cruises can be very expensive, with the cheapest being around a thousand dollars or so and that doesn’t even include the other expenses you might incur such as food expenses, accommodation expenses, and many others.

Fortunately, there is now a cheaper alternative for this. This alternative is called “river cruising”, which allows baby boomers and senior travelers to do the same things you would do on an ocean cruise, but a whole lot cheaper.

Rudi Schreiner, the pioneer of river cruising in Europe and also the founder of the company AmaWaterways, tells how river cruising can offer the same ocean cruise experience without having to spend too much.

According to Rudi, there are many advantages of taking a river cruise instead of an ocean cruise besides the price differences. One difference between the two is that, on a river cruise, you will be able to see more scenic spots than you would in an ocean cruise. With a river cruise, you can go to destinations such as the ancient temples of Angkor, the Angkor Wat, visit the many historic sites on Cambodia, explore the hidden wonders of Burma, and many other countries in the Europe.

Another difference between the two is that river cruises offer other activities rather than the usual activities in ocean cruises. AmaWaterways offer guided bike tours for guests and clienteles, which makes the trip a whole lot interesting. They also offer onboard entertainment, which includes local entertainers from the cities they visit, unlike in ocean cruises where there is only around two or three bands performing. Once they’re done with their activities, free Wi-Fi is given to all their clients so that they can share their adventures online with their families, friends and other baby boomers and senior travelers..

For those who wish to try out river cruising, Rudi advises that they visit for more information about river cruising and how can they reserve for one. The website also contains the many destinations and different choices so that you can choose where you want to go on your river cruise experience.

“I highly recommend trying it and then you’ll see why many people get hooked to river cruising once they’ve done one single cruise”, says Rudi.



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