The Charlie Manson Trial:The most detailed behind-the-scenes account.

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By Andy Asher

In this episode of “Boomer TV: Embrace Age, Empower Dreams Embrace Life,” Andy Asher, editor of visits with Ivor Davis who covered the Tate/LaBianca murders from Day One. Interviewed Manson Family members at Spahn Ranch.
Sat through every day of the Manson murder trials.
Co-authored the first book published on the murders-
And wrote many newspaper articles published in UK.
Ivor was an eyewitness to these events and you should hear his first hand accounts. “This is a true-life story about everyone who knew the victims and the defendants—the investigators, the prosecutors, and all the leading players—and delivers a fresh, vivid picture of what witnesses, reporters, and showbiz figures thought and said about the murders. A helluva read.”
— Sandi Gibbons, City News Service and former media director for the Los Angeles District Attorney

“Ivor Davis was the first reporter to write a book about the Tate killings. As an expert on the spot, he entertainingly serves up the bizarre inside story of one of the craziest trials I ever covered.”
— Linda Deutsch, Associated Press Special Correspondent

“A compulsively readable back-porch memoir about all the amazing reach the Charlie Manson murder case had into the celebrity world of 1960s-’70s Los Angeles—in both the movie and music industries. In his years as a Hollywood writer, Ivor Davis came to know most of its famous characters personally, and revisits them with a wicked eye for detail and an astonishingly detailed memory—it helps that he was usually taking notes. He brings a sometimes disturbing, often brilliant era to life.”
— Mark Bowden, author of bestseller Black Hawk Down

“This compelling book combines the skills of a Truman Capote plus the genuine ‘I was there’ Zelig/Forrest Gump sensibilities. More than just a murder story spanning half a century, Manson Exposed is a scarily fast personal ride told with insight and a soupçon of gallows humor.”
— Marshall Terrill, author of Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon

“An insider’s riveting, detailed account of how the criminal justice system struggled with a sensational tragedy—and with a diabolical defendant battling to discredit the system. Davis will convince you that in many respects the tumultuous Manson case still deserves its longstanding ‘Trial of the Century’
— Martin Kasindorf, journalist/attorney who covered the Manson trial for Newsweek

“Manson Exposed is a piercing, original look at a crime that shocked the world. Davis, in this mix of personal memoir, criticism, and riveting reportage, delves into the heart of the case—and offers much that is new and perceptive about a crime that terrified and obsessed a nation.”
— Simon Wells, author of the bestseller Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast
London-born Ivor Davis first came to America in the early sixties and was appointed West Coast correspondent for the London Daily Express
in l963.His first big assignment came the following year: to hang out, travel with, and get to know the four members of a new pop group from Liverpool: the Beatles. He was the only British daily newspaper correspondent to cover the Fab Four’s first American tour from start to finish, given unparalleledaccess to John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Fifty years later, Davis wrote The Beatles and Me on Tour.

Over more than five decades as a writer for the Express and the Times of London, Ivor covered major events in North America. He penned a weekly entertainment column for the New York Times Syndicate for over fifteen years, interviewing some of the biggest names in show business, from Cary Grant to Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton to Tom Cruise and Muhammad Ali.

In l969 Davis co-wrote Five to Die, the first book ever published about the Sharon Tate—LaBianca murders and covered the trial for the Daily Express. As a foreign correspondent, he traveled throughout the western hemisphere covering riots, floods, earthquakesand politics. As Editor-at-
Large for Los Angeles Magazine, he and his late wife, Sally Ogle Davis, wrote over 100 major magazine and cover stories.




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