Safe Sex Valentines

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Safe Sex ValentinesBy Andy Asher

In this episode of “Boomer TV: Embrace Age, Empower Dreams Embrace Life,” Andy Asher, editor of discusses Safe Sex Valentines with Dr. Dudley Danoff, a urologist and author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health. Going to the Source Wouldn’t it be great having a reliable go-to source about sex? Especially for those of us over 50 who have been around the block a few times. I confess I found my source and I hope to pass on what I learned from Dr. Dudley Danoff, a urologist and author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health. Being a guy it only seemed logical to ask another guy who wrote a book about it. But women don’t be put-off because his advice for men may provide you with the great sex you’ve been looking for. I had a lot of questions about sex and Valentine’s Day, purportedly the biggest day for sex behind New Years’.

The Greatest Aphrodisiac For straight answers, I went to my source Dr. Danoff and popped the question about aphrodisiacs, and he even included the little blue pill. I was pleased to hear his part whimsical answer and medically sound advice. The greatest aphrodisiac is love itself. And there isn’t an aphrodisiac. Not rhinoceros horn, not your him being not chopped up, you know, gonads of some African monkey.

There is no there is no aphrodisiac. And what is promoted out there and sold over the Internet in magazines is mostly a hope. It’s a placebo effect. We’re going to send you this magic black dust, sprinkle it on your genitalia, and magically you’re going to be like you are when you’re 20. It’s just the placebo effect. 40 percent of the time, if I tell you something, the sugar pill is going to work. And I tell you what it’s going to do, 40 percent of the time, people say it works. So the greatest aphrodisiac is love.

Now, let’s not confuse the magic blue pills that we see Alice of the world with the fiber of the world. Those are not aphrodisiacs. Those are drugs, a performance. They’re not drugs of desire. They have a substance that dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. So those are performance-enhancing drugs. They’re not aphrodisiac. So, again, good distinction.

Sex Beats A Box of Chocolates Dr. Danoff goes great lengths to remind about the importance of safe sex. But not to the point of inflicting guilt or abstinence. A sexual celebration that beats a box of chocolate every time. Absolutely. It’s the greatest thing that’s come down the pike since a chopped liver. I mean, it’s good for your muscles. It’s good for your cardiovascular system.

Stay safe on Valentine’s Day

It’s it clears the cobwebs out of your prostate and it clears your mind. I mean, what better activity in the world is there than sex with a loving partner? And as long as you can keep anger and anxiety out of the bedroom, I mean, you’re right. You’re hitting a home run, home run in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded off. Sound Advice Hearing sound advice that makes logical sense is always easier to absorb. I have to emphasize again, says Dr. Danoff, “you know, this in this age of promiscuity and, you know, porn stuff everywhere, I cannot tell you as a mainstream practicing urologist the importance of safe sex. I mean, I mean, it’s a pretty broad statement. So safe sex means, you know, having sex with a partner whose sexual history you’re 100 percent familiar with and having safe sexual practice.

So if you’re in the gay community and you’re doing something that is at least potentially unsafe, you just have to have a condom. And I mean, a lot of people say, yeah. Even though using a condom is like taking a shower with your socks on, it’s safe. It’s In The Mind Well  I think the most the most important thing, I mean, is this. You know, I am a surgeon, a scientist. But what I’m about to say is very unscientific in a-way. It’s about attitude.

Stay engaged. Have a positive attitude. Don’t give up. They ask Clint Eastwood, age 88, how are you still? How are you still a successful actor, a producer or a filmmaker? What is? And he said, you know, I don’t let the old guy in. So it’s about your attitude. It’s 99 percent between your ears for men and maybe one or two percent between your legs. So you’ve added to the power of positive thinking as applied to your genitals.

It’s as big as it is. It’s as long as it is fast as it is. It’s what you believe in it. You have self-doubt. I can’t perform. I’m going to be weak. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I call it a negative feedback loop. It’s like the dog chasing its tail in ever-decreasing circles until he disappears up, as you know what? So no, no negativity. I mean, the other thing is obvious. Diet, exercise, weight, low carbs, low lipids, low fat. But that attitude trumps it all.



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