Power of Therapy From The East and West

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In this episode of Boomer TV: Embrace Life, Embrace Age, Empower Dreams, Andy Asher, editor of BloomerBoomer.com talks to Dr. Pilar Jennings (Author & Psychoanalyst), about the power of Buddhism and Psychotherapy with east and west. In this psychoanalytic memoir, Dr. Jennings invites the reader into the treatment of her first patient. The client came from a radically different world but shared a vulnerability, and a terror of being decimated by it, that Dr. Jennings came to understand as central to the human experience. She was a beginning analyst still working through her own childhood history, and her patient was a child whose suffering felt familiar. As this first treatment evolved, Dr. Jennings’ curiosity about the need for a spiritual component of traditional psychodynamic work grew stronger, and through that curiosity, she began to play with the psychoanalytic “frame” in ways that surprised her. You will meet her Buddhist teacher in this story, in a personal way that reveals his earliest vulnerability and many ensuing losses. Dr. Jennings wrote this book in the spirit of understanding the shared vulnerability of childhood so many of us wish we could safely access in adulthood without the risk of yet more suffering. Her hope is that this story will touch upon one’s own history while finding a sense of resonance with everyone who has ever survived childhood and longed to reclaim its gifts of exquisite sensitivity that can only be found through the rediscovery of a wounded heart.




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