Poker Doctor Partners With Crazy Grandpa Andy Battle Royale

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Hey Everyone…Crazy Grandpa Andy here as I’m known in the video gaming world…you can call me Andy. Today it will be me in Battle Royale with my poker playing doctor and virtual partner James Magner., M.D. Also how he thanked his wife for his half million dollar poker winnings We’ll do that in a second. But first how are you coping through this global pandemic. It feels so totally surreal…the streets around here are nearly deserted. Stay healthy, Stay Safe and Stay Strong. There’s a long story about how I got hooked on video games.. we can talk about it during the game if we have time. Let me tell you I am no Fortnite Ninja…I am an average player but I’ll get better with practice. What’s so great about Battle Royale you don’t have to be a top notch ninja to win. So let’s not waste anymore time…let’s play…Marmalade.



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