New Age: 5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Life in 2020

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If you still think that all things tech are a young man’s game in 2020, you’ll have to reassess your perspective.

What is the leading factor in the way our interaction with technology evolves? It’s all about accessibility. By simplifying the user experience, creators of various technologies have made them more accessible to a wide range of users. As a result, some modern devices are now irreplaceable tools for people over fifty, sixty, seventy, and beyond. Today, it’s not a stretch to imagine centenarians using their tech-savvy to improve their life quality. But before you get that far, here’s how technology can improve your life right now.

1. Keeps track of your health records and habits

Do you find it difficult to acquire good habits? Specifically, do you take care of yourself as much as you should? These days, you have technology on your side to do the heavy lifting for you.

Primarily, there are useful health apps for seniors that help users stay updated on all the necessary health information – from prescription drug schedules to doctor appointments and personalized health stats. As a matter of fact, this emerging field of apps helps countless individuals of working age and older keep track of their health-oriented schedule.

2. Keeps you safer

When it comes to preserving your health, technology’s utility goes way beyond reminders and scheduling. Home automation helps reduce accidents ( among seniors, placing the control of pretty much the entire household in your two hands.

Thanks to the proliferation of Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things, you don’t even have to get off the couch. You can regulate the temperature, lights, and (most importantly) sensors that are meant to alert the local ER in case of injury.

3. Exercising made easier

Let’s go back to the topic of apps. You almost certainly noticed that there’s a lot more to be said about personalized health stats, or in other words – how personal fitness data can give you the edge if you plan to stay in shape.

You can follow a carefully created plan of exercises based on those stats, which lends you an opportunity to push yourself forward inch by inch towards a healthier, more resilient body.

It’s also worth mentioning that consoles such as Nintendo Wii offer a fun and accessible selection of sports games that benefit anyone who tackles the challenges presented by the motion-controlled device. Today, you can buy Wii at a very reasonable price.

4. The social angle

If you browse the web daily, you’ve certainly encountered opinionated articles that discuss both the benefits and the downsides of social networks and communication apps such as Skype. One thing is for certain – the social angle of new tech has the most profound impact on seniors .

Physical limitations and obligations are no longer obstacles, as direct contact with friends and family is at the tip of your fingers.
But the utility of social apps goes beyond that.

You can become a community member, discuss topics that interest you with other enthusiasts, and, more crucially, it has become easier to access necessary services such as repairmen or even medical experts. Digital technology enables you to establish contact with your doctor or a clinic that has your medical records.

It’s all the service you require with no physical exertion or hassle.

5. Extra education

One of the downsides of the internet is that you are oversaturated with information. At the very worst, that information is useless and anxiety-inducing. However, there is the other side of that coin.

You can streamline your experience by signing up for online classes and limiting your browsing (there are apps that can help with that as well). You can add a whole new set of skills to the arsenal of your rich life experience.

Of course, learning new things will aid memory retention and neuroplasticity, which contributes to your longevity and mental health.


The way we interact with tech has become streamlined, simplified, and more intuitive. Using tech has become fun and increasingly less intimidating for the generations that haven’t grown up in the digital age.

The pesky cliché that seniors shy away from technology is slowly losing ground. They’ve become aware of the benefits, particularly the ones mentioned on this list. Above all else, they are eager to learn, now more than ever.




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