Items from Your Past You Didn’t Know That Are Worth Money Today!

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Worth Money Today

Have you recently poked around an old attic or basement and found something that triggers those all-too-familiar childhood memories but is now collecting dust? Maybe it’s an old record player or your action figure and toy doll collection. These sentimental finds can be great for your youthful soul, but you know what’s even better than feeling good? Cold hard cash.

Vintage record players

1. Vintage record players

Record sales have soared in recent years, and enthusiasts have returned to vinyl as a viable alternative to digital music. As a result, vintage record players or turntables have raised in value. recently sold a Thornes TD160 record player for over $1,200.

90’s action figure and doll

2. 90’s action figure and doll collection

We have all heard about the collectible Pokemon cards or the rare Furbies that make a fortune. But regular toys can actually also be worth a lot. Vintage Star Wars toys tend to do very well; recently a Bobba Fett figurine sold for $22,40. It originally cost just $1.90 when it hit the shelves in 1980. Even if you were one of those children who liked to open their toys, Unboxed figures are still selling for hundreds of dollars.


Vintage jewelry

3. Vintage jewelry

The value of antique and period jewelry has increased by more than 80 percent in the past decades, and demand has been such that on some auction days, estimates have been surpassed as items fetch double their predicted prices.

Antique tools

4. Antique tools

There are two sides to the antique-tool market. Some buyers actually use the pieces that they buy because an old tool can be better for a skilled job than its modern equivalent. Others simply collect.
More people have started to collect antique tools, but there has also been an increase in awareness among woodworkers, who appreciate using older tools.

Antique musical instruments

5. Antique musical instruments

That old guitar in your attic could strum up major bucks. Guitars, especially, can bring in a lot of money.. A 1960s Fender Stratocaster that you tucked away could be worth a lot. It doesn’t have
to be antique: Something used in just the last 60 to 70 years (think your grandfather’s old instruments) can have a surprising amount of value.

So the next time you’re rummaging through a basement, garage, or attic, keep your eyes open for the items on this list. They could be worth thousands of dollars.



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