Getting Portfolio Ready for Retirement

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Is your portfolio ready for retirement?





Baby Boomers nearing retirement may lie awake at night worrying about their assets. Will they be substantial enough, they may wonder, to see them through retirement? The question may take on more urgency in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. A wave of subprime foreclosures and the collapse […]

In just a few months time — by March 2009 — the stock market had plunged, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling below the 7,000 mark. While the stock market has recovered nicely in the last five years the fear and trepidation, for many, remains.

Are there things the retired and near-retired need to do to make sure their portfolios are ready for retirement? Financial advisers have always counseled clients to maintain diversified portfolios and that remains good advice. But Curt Whipple, CEO of C. Curtis Financial Group, points out that few saw the 2008 financial crisis coming and any similar event is also likely to take investors by surprise. So keeping risk under control is paramount.

“Regardless, there are eight indicators that you can focus on that will help you identify whether or not you’re taking too much risk in your portfolio and if your retirement plan is in danger.”

Risk comes with investing. An investment with no risk is either a scam or provides very little return. But for those nearing or in retirement, maintaining a reasonable level of risk may reduce your exposure and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

When Whipple talks about diversification, he doesn’t mean owning stocks in diversified sectors. He says if your portfolio is mostly tied to Wall Street, like stocks and bonds, you aren’t truly diversified.



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