Internet Dating – Staying Safe

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Look we might as well jump right into this hot topic…it’s about online dating. For a long time for an awful lot of people it seems there is a stigma attached to online dating… But for others they are veteran online daters, and it’s not big deal.

It never hurts to learn a thing or two…and this time it applies to your personal security, online. And this is for men and women. Now it’s not about placing fear in anyone…just maybe some things you never thought that you definely may want to consider.

Our guest today it the perfect person for that because her world pertains to security, at least in terms of what she does with AVG technologies which in a nutshell specializes in online security for a lot of big companies but today we are not just talking about businesses but just regular people and especially those of us over .

I know I learned a a few common sense solutions to being safe online from Judith Bitterli…Chief Marteting Officer at AVG Technologies…



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