Facial Fat Grafting: The Real Key to Reversing Aging

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Facial Fat Grafting

The biggest anti-aging breakthrough of the new millennium is here. Dr. Steven Cohen, the plastic surgeon at FACES+ has invented an injectable facial rejuvenation procedure that reverses the aging process by stimulating soft tissue, creating new blood vessels and combating inflammation. His secret weapon to this scientific breakthrough is fat grafting; unlike fillers, fat grafts train your cells to repair themselves using new and increased blood supply. “A filler may make an appearance temporarily look better, but it has no effect on aging tissue whatsoever,” says Dr. Cohen. This is a significant breakthrough in the war on aging that we’re likely to see in the next ten years.

Dr. Cohen is the industry leading expert on fat grafting in the cosmetic surgery world: his facial fat injections exceed 2 to 3 times greater than what most cosmetic surgeons use. He also uses new, cutting-edge equipment from Millennium Medical Technologies and Tulip Medical to clean and collect the fat.

Groundbreaking regenerative procedure

This groundbreaking regenerative procedure will forever change how those in plastic surgery and cosmetics perceive aging. Through fat grafting, we can now teach our cells to repair the damage that aging causes, which will make us look and feel younger. “The fountain of youth is more like tweaking our body’s ability to repair its own damage,” says Dr. Cohen. This unique approach was developed by Dr. Cohen and the team at FACES+ after years of research and careful applications of state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures which actually regenerate tissue and slow the aging process.

People who need regenerative medicine would be any women or man in their 30’s to 50’s who is currently using more than one filler in their face for volume. If someone has lost volume in several areas of the face, they would need to replace what has been lost. As we age from birth to 22 years, we are growing in all respects. However, after 22 years, our bodies and faces begin to deteriorate, with our bodies becoming limited in its capacities to regenerate, and we become outstripped as we age.

Dr. Cohen has intensely focused on facial aging for the past 14 years and has worked with a number of biotechnology companies to develop these ideas. In 2003, FACES+ was the first in the world to use stem and regenerative cells from our own fat to stimulate a new blood supply, replace the deteriorated soft tissue and regenerate collagen and elastin. Today, he is a leader in the war on aging.

If you are using more than one filler or you don’t want to use fillers, but have lost facial volume, or you have a more serious reconstructive facial abnormality or secondary nasal deformity, please visit www.facesplus.com to learn if these unique and incredibly safe approaches sense for you.



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