How To Cut Your Landline Phone – Make Your Life Easier

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bloomer-4How To Cut Your Landline Phone – Make Your Life Easier

Studies show that most of us in the “Boomer” generation now use our cellular phone for most of our non-work related communications.  So do we still need landline phone service in our home? Make sure you,  Cut Landline Phone Make Life Easier

Up until recently, almost every home in America had landline phone service.  But with the advent and ubiquity of cellular phones, many households have gone to “wireless only” households.  In some cases’ they’ve just canceled their landline service.  In the case of younger generations, they’ve only ever used cellular phones and have never had landline phone service in their home.

Difficult as it might be to believe, there remains a large percentage of households that still maintain landline phone service in their home.  In fact, as recently as December of 2014, research by the Center for Disease Control show that 51,725,000 of households over the age of 45* still maintain land line telephones in the home.

How To Cut Your Landline Phone

Many of these households have bundled their landline phone service with their cable and internet service providers.  Some have converted to ‘Voice over the Internet’ type services.  And others have kept their service with the “Telephone Company”.

But they’ve all kept some version of landline phone service for one or a number of reasons.  You may want to consider these reasons in your own evaluation as well.

  • They have a health monitoring service connected to their land line telephone.
  • They have a home security system that connects to a monitoring company via their landline telephone.
  • They may live in an area that requires some type of emergency alert system, like a flood or fire zone.
  • They might utilize a fax machine in their home for personal or business reasons.
  • The home telephone number itself is important to them and they want to keep it.

Interestingly, studies have shown that of all the reasons that households continue to maintain landline phone service, the most significant factor is the importance of the home telephone number itself.

Cut Landline Phone  Make  Life Easier

Home telephone numbers serve as a main point of contact for the family and have often been in place for many years, even decades.  The home telephone number is in directory assistance, the school & church directories, healthcare providers have it and it is the number extended family call to reach a member of the household.

So if you’re one of the millions of households that have held on to that important home telephone number and you don’t need landline phone service in your home for other reasons, what are your options?

There are “Forwarding Only” services that will forward your landline to your cell phone.  Some are free or at nominal cost.  They will usually only forward to one phone at a time.  But there are some that will forward to multiple phones at the same time and whoever answers first gets the call.

There is also a revolutionary new service that allows you to keep your important home telephone number without keeping the landline.

It’s called and uses your existing home telephone number to forward calls to your home telephone number to any member of the family.  Your number remains in directory assistance and anyone can reach you as they always have.



If you need your landline phone service to support a monitoring service, fax machine or alarm system, by all means hold on to it to cut landline phone.  But if you don’t have those particular requirements, you may want to consider the benefits of making your home telephone number “Virtual” with

Try to always remember, Cut Landline Phone Make Life Easier.

* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ● Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ● National Center for Health Statistics ● Released 12/2014



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