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Good Life Movement: How old are you’ STOP – Don’t answer with your age! Instead, tune into how you feel. If you cringe at all, you’re like most Americans who buy into the myths and negative stereotypes about aging. And if you don’t, you’re more likely to age well, live a healthier, and more satisfying life. A recent Gallup poll shows that adults 65+ report a better quality of life than any other age group.

Ken Druck, PhD, an expert in aging, resilience, parenting and grief, is a bestselling author who speaks to groups around the country Arianna Huffington, Joan Lunden, Maria Shriver, CNN’s Don Lemon are a few that support his work.

Ken Druck walks his talk after the tragic loss of his daughter, Ken’s work went from male psychology to overcoming adversity, and now, reimagining our future. Basedonhisupcomingbook,COURAGEOUSAGING:Your Best YearsEver, Reimagined (October 2017), Ken can explain:

  •  How to do a Self Audit ‘ to assess your potentially destructive biases of aging
  •  The Myths of Graceful Aging ‘ resetting expectations and turning limiting beliefs into opportunities for psychological and spiritual growth
  •  Navigating changing relationships as we age
  •  Leaving a Legacy of Love everything from psychospiritual estate planning to leaving your mark on the worldKen Druck is a regular contributor to CNN, has appeared on Oprah, in the New York Times, and in countless other media over his 40-year career. He is often called as counsel after some of the nation’s worst tragedies, and is a leading authority on courageous living and courageous aging – he’s an outstanding resource and loaded with valuable information.


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