When Will You Have Your Heart Attack?

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When Will You Have Your Heart Attack?Heart disease is the most common cause of death in the United States, despite gains that have been made in fighting this disease over the past few decades. Even though the number of deaths from heart disease have been cut in half since 1960, about 30% of Americans will still die as a result of cardiovascular disease. According to Harvard Health, at least one-half of all heart disease deaths could be prevented, if people would control the risk factors that are modifiable: smoking, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. In some cases, you may also have risk factors that are much harder or impossible to control: your age, genes, and air pollution in your area, for example.

Since so many of us are likely to suffer from heart disease as we age, we need to know when we are most likely to have a heart attack. In that way, we can be more vigilant about watching for symptoms in ourselves and our loved ones.

What are Common Heart Attack Symptoms?



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