Check Your Vision – You Might Live Longer

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Check Your Vision - You Might Live Longer

Check Your Vision – You Might Live Longer






A new study finds that declining vision health may be linked with shorter survival rates in older adults.

It’s common for adults to have vision problems as they get older. Starting in their 40s, many adults start developing near-sightedness, which is a normal part of the aging process and may worsen with time.

However, a Purdue University study now links vision loss with an increased risk of death. Researchers tracked adults between 65 and 84 years old for a period of eight years and found that people whose vision worsened by one letter size on the standard eye exam chart had a 16% higher risk of death during the study.

While the findings don’t prove the relationship between vision loss and death risk, one theory is that seniors with poor vision have a harder time with basic tasks like running errands and doing household chores. This might increase their chances of a sight-related accident that results in death, such as not seeing an oncoming car or hurting themselves during a routine task. The study found that participants who had problems with everyday tasks had a 31% higher risk of death by the end of the study.

On the bright side, the study also noted “many Americans live with vision impairment that is correctable through the proper fitting of glasses or contact lenses.”

The findings suggest that taking care of your vision as you age is more than just being able to see better: It’s integrally connected to your health, safety, and survival. Routine vision care may be one simple way for seniors to reduce likelihood of death.




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