Truths About Cosmetic Surgery For Boomers?

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In today’s society, the obsession to gain an attractive appearance continues to grow. Whilst many would associate this consciousness with younger audiences, elders are also reverting to methods to enhance their appearance. In particular, cosmetic procedures can be an option that older people may explore.

However, the question they tend to ask themselves is whether they’re too old for cosmetic surgery. In this article, we’ll explore whether this is a question worth asking and what to look out for if you’re worried you’re too old for cosmetic surgery.

The truth is, cosmetic surgery can be suitable for many ages

We’d might as well bust the myth early on about whether you can be too old for cosmetic surgery. The matter of fact is that if you’re in good health even if you are old, you’d be applicable for cosmetic surgery.

Surgeries such as a facelift and botox are just some of the common surgeries that older people tend to have as they age. These types of surgeries can help to improve the appearance of skin and rid fine wrinkles. It can also be quite common for ageing patients to have surgery to help sagging skin issues. In 2016, the ASPS report claimed that around 18% of all brazilian bum lifts were performed on patients over the age of 55.

Being older doesn’t meant that you’re more at risk

Aesthetic Surgery Journal released a study around the ages of patients that were going through cosmetic surgery. They found that patients of higher age were at no further risk of complications compared to younger patients. The study was tested on 129 abdominoplasty procedures with the 2 groups being split between two groups with average ages of 65 and 41.
It’s all to do with your health

You could be a 65 year old that is active, eats well and isn’t a smoker. Another patient could be 30 years old with underlying health problems and a poor diet. It shows what really matters is your health rather than your age. If you look after yourself, then there should be less worry about whether you’re an ideal candidate for a procedure.

Screening is more likely to take place for older patients as statistically, they’re more likely to have health conditions compared to younger patients. However, as long as you pass the screening, it’s unlikely that you’ll have any issues.

Your general lifestyle is key to whether you’re an ideal candidate

As well as health conditions, another aspect that will be considered is your general lifestyle. What you do on a daily basis will help surgeons better understand whether you’re likely to experience complications or risk from the procedure:

Do you smoke?

Smoking is a big factor in why you might experience complications. This is because the nicotine found in cigarettes can heavily impact your recovery. They can shrink the blood cells throughout the body, preventing the muscles and wounds from recovering quickly. An older patient that is a non-smoker is likely to be a better candidate than a 40 year old who smokes regularly.

How much do you drink?

Drinking is also another aspect that can determine your candidacy for a plastic surgery. Heavy drinkers tend to have a history of experiencing complications regardless of their age. It can be detrimental to the appearance of skin and how easy it is for surgeons to stitch up the incisions. If you’re a light to moderate drinker, complications are likely to occur.
What’s your diet like?

The importance of your diet is mainly due to how your body will recover after the surgery. If you have a diet that is well-balanced and full of nutrients and minerals where possible, your body is likely to cope better with recovery. However, those who eat high sugar and processed foods are likely to witness complications with their recovery.

You can be the right candidate if you look after yourself

To conclude, having a plastic surgery procedure isn’t based on your age. As long as you eat well, keep active and don’t regularly smoke or drink, you’ll be a more than appropriate person for cosmetic surgery regardless of your age. Other health conditions will also be considered depending on the surgery you’re looking to have.




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