Strength Training Has Amazing Benefits for Baby Boomers

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Strength Training Has Amazing Benefits for Baby Boomers

By Andy Asher

A jaw-dropping study out of Penn State College of Medicine says older adults who participated in strength training had lower odds of dying.  That’s a bold statement by itself.    But even lesser proclamations report reduced signs of depression, cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, osteoporosis and sleep disorders.

Strength Training lower odds

Many Side Benefits of Strength Training

Becoming stronger can help prevent the decline in muscle mass. In addition, it can help reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic diseases, including arthritis. Strength training for baby boomer men and women doesn’t need to mean considerable bodybuilding, though there are many boomers who enjoy competitive weightlifting.

What Kind of Weights to Use

Hand weights will be used for a few of the strength exercises, but it’s not mandatory you have them. Generally, it’s possible to increase the weight you’re lifting after about fourteen days of beginning strength exercises. Your body weight is the initial challenge to overcome.  Remember too there are other great forms of exercise such as swimming for baby boomers.

How to Begin

Training should start with an expert assessment like a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) in addition to a movement assessment like a squat which can be performed in many different positions. It will take on a different aspect at that time. You may be required to have a signed waiver before a trainer will provide any particular advice associated with training.

Don’t wait…Get Started

Weight training is popular today with individuals of all ages, but it’s not new. It is an important part of any fitness program. For now, be content to understand that weight training for baby boomers is an exceptional means to find the exercise your body requires and you just might live longer.

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