Intimacy and Relationships Over 50 – Video –

Many Americans over 50, single or coupled, may be concerned by relationship and intimacy pressures. We all struggle with these challenges, but they can be especially tough for people with chronic illness and may include: ·         How to cope with intimacy when you’re just not feeling up to [...]

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Male Sexuality: Plain Talk With A Doc

Dr. Larry Lipshultz Male sexual dysfunction and infertility have become virtual subspecialties. The management of impotence has been revolutionized first and foremost by the introduction of prosthetic devices in urology. The area of prosthetics in urology has gradually expanded to encompass not [...]

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Busting Sex Myths For Baby Boomers

The fastest growing market in sex education today is the "Baby Boomers." They grew up in the hot '60s and are now confronting their own myths around sexuality, mid life and aging. Most Boomers grew up believing that after 50 was a fast trip into a kind of sexual deep sleep. And now that many [...]

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The Complicated Sex Life of Baby Boomers

The complicated sex life of baby boomers Photograph by Dina Rudick/Globe Staff; Photographed at The Langham, Boston; Models: Kirsten Hede Brierley and Marc Iannaco/Maggie Inc.; makeup: Chantal Ambroise Eighty-five percent of male boomers and 61 percent of female boomers report sexual [...]

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Why Narcissists Have More Sex

If narcissism is one of humanity’s more stubbornly intractable traits—and it is—it’s partly because it facilitates the one basic act likelier than anything else to keep a particular physical or behavioral characteristic alive in the gene pool: breeding. Successful narcissists have a whole lot [...]

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