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17990834_sThe Happiest Country in the World

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a tropical paradise that is filled with lush green forests, clear lakes and rivers, white beaches, and some of the most majestic mountains in the world. Costa Rica is also home to many festivities, some of which are happening all throughout the year. The country is also known for the “pura vida” lifestyle, which means “living the pure life” – a lifestyle adopted by locals, as well as other people who grew fond of the country and moved in to permanently reside there. This lifestyle, coupled with the festivities and the many attractions, is what makes Costa Rica the “happiest country in the world”.

Once an American resident, Evelyn Gelardo moved in to Costa Rica 10 years ago and she has loved it ever since. She and her husband fell in love with Costa Rica and decided to retire and move in there. According to her, this is the best decision that they’ve ever made.

“It’s absolutely for me”, Evelyn says. “We love living there and if it’s for you, you will love living there too.”, Evelyn continues as she answers the question on whether other people will love living in Costa Rica too.

Moving in to Costa Rica is not for everybody, as Evelyn said. The culture of Costa Rican people may be radically different than the average American person. For example, American people usually stress over time and punctuality, whereas Costa Rican people do not dwell over it and simply go through with their daily lives, not giving a care on the time. This may put off some people that are obsessed with keeping up time and deadlines, but given some time, they will learn to love it and like it as she did.

Other than that minor difference in cultures and traditions, Costa Rica is a very beautiful country that will surely be a paradise for people who give it a chance.

For people that want to know more about Costa Rica, Evelyn suggests that they visit The website contains all the information you need to know about Costa Rica, as well as some of the places you will want to visit there. The organization also aims to help those people who want to retire and live in Costa Rica by providing assistance to whatever they may need help with (i.e. getting a driver’s license, securing a business permit, etc.).

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