Internet Dating – Staying Safe

Look we might as well jump right into this hot topic…it’s about online dating. For a long time for an awful lot of people it seems there is a stigma attached to online dating… But for others they are [...]

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Marriage-Family Therapist on Divorce After 55

A Marriage-Family Therapist on Divorce After 55.  How friends are surprise and what couples do next. Now, for seniors that’s often a big part of transition in life. Love – to talk about that most [...]

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Remarriage: What You Should Know – Interview Transcript

Transcript from BloomerBoomer interview with Debra Speyer Andy Asher: So for whatever reason, you’re single again or perhaps even living alone. Let’s speculate a little further and say, you’re [...]

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Life Passions – Ann Baker

Three years ago I had an overwhelming urge to have a gathering for Boomer women to tell our stories, explore our dreams, and share resources and support for one another to help us pursue those [...]

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Life Passions – Over 55 is beginning a series of interviews that focuses on life over 55. We want to talk about what engages or impassions you about life.  Is it a job, vocation, hobby, family member? [...]

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