Reducing Bad Bacteria Over age 60

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Boost Good Bacteria – Get Rid of Bad Bacteria

Research shows that as we age, there is a significant drop in the number of “healthy” bacteria in our gut and our cellular immunity begins to decline as our antibiotic use increases. Supporting this research is Dr. Sandra McFarlane from the microbiology and gut biology group at the University of Dundee, stating that people over 60 typically have about 1,000-fold less “friendly” bacteria. It’s no wonder that probiotics are often recommended to aging adults who suffer from a weakened immune system! There’s a brand new product on the market that offers many health benefits for seniors including increasing your energy, lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, and even improving your brain activity. Kunachia’s superfood blend, Organic Milled Chia + Probiotics provides a great solution for ailments many seniors face on a daily basis. It is also organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and GMO free – not to mention it’s also a natural energy booster so you’ll feel the difference as you go for your morning walks and stretches.

Kunachia is the first brand in the U.S. to create a superfood blend that combines chia with a probiotic to amplify health benefits, supporting digestive and bone health. Research shows that with proper nutrition, you can cure and prevent the vast majority of illnesses and even extend your life beyond average. Luckily, nature is wise and puts the superfoods we need within our reach. Kunachia Chia+Probiotics contains high nutritional values and is a natural source of Omega-3, antioxidants, fiber and protein. If your goal is to lose weight, chia seeds have 30 percent soluble fiber, which can help cleanse the digestive system and improve the assimilation of food.

There are many factors that can lead to malnutrition. As we age, our bodies become less efficient in absorbing essential nutrients, while others may suffer from dental issues causing them to shy away from foods packed with healthy ingredients. Chia seeds, along with probiotics, can be a great nutritional boost to your diet as they have a high concentration of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium – all essential for bone health.

Santiago Stacey, CEO and co-founder of Kunachia, said, “Our goal is to provide consumers with the necessary resources to improve their health and quality of life.” He added, “This product can be particularly beneficial for seniors, who are often more prone to digestive issues. Chia provides a great source of fiber and is the ideal fuel for probiotics, enabling it to last longer in your body.”

Chia+Probiotics uses a shelf stable probiotic strain guaranteeing that one billion live microorganisms per serving (one tablespoon) will be alive at the time of consumption. Other products will offer 10, 20, 100 billion CFU/gm at the time of manufacture, which means they can arrive at the store dead. “Less is more is the model we use,” said Stacey. “You only really need 1 billion live microorganisms daily for a healthy intestinal flora. We offer that plus we ignite it with chia!”

Kunachia’s Chia+Probiotics can easily be added to your yogurt, smoothie, soup, or sprinkled on any other food you like to enjoy. Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, they can also help reduce blood sugar spikes after your meal.

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