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Still Dreaming?

By Mary Sue Wallace

Improving Your Life Through Improving Your Mind

No matter what our age or station in life, we all have our dreams. We have our hopes, desires, ambitions and plans, and we are forever in pursuit of fulfilling our desires. Understanding and using the creative nature of mind consciously and with awareness can help you accomplish you goals much easier and faster.

Your thoughts are creative and draw toward you whatever thoughts you habitually entertain. Your subconscious mind works tirelessly to bring to you whatever it is you are directing it to bring. These thoughts can be either positive or negative. The subconscious mind is non-judgmental. It will follow your directions unwaveringly creating a magnetism to bring to you whatever you are focusing on.

Being Aware

Through awareness, intention and focus, you can use your mind to consciously create a better life. Write an “as if” paragraph describing your life as it would be if your desires were fulfilled. This is your fantasy. Make it great. Then repeatedly, day after day, read over your statement and envision yourself as if this dream were your reality, allowing it to become true.

Value of Listening

Listen to your conversation both internal and external and hear what you are thinking and saying. You will notice that you have both positive and negative thoughts. Positive thoughts are good for you and attract positive effects such as love, joy and happiness. Negative thoughts are harmful to you and attract negative effects such as upset and misery. Understanding that your negative thoughts are harmful and preventing you from getting what you want, you have an incentive to change. When you hear yourself being negative you can consciously begin redirecting your negative thoughts back to focusing on your desires. This awareness and effort then becomes part of your routine. The better you become at it, the more enjoyable your life becomes.

All you have to do to improve your life is sit in your armchair and “think” differently. Think about what you want, allow yourself to have it, and look for and redirect thoughts that deny you your dreams. Look for your limiting beliefs, deeply ingrained beliefs that tell you cannot have what you want. Change your beliefs to allowing your dreams to come true. Then throw in some gratitude. Being grateful directs the subconscious mind to bring you more and more things to be grateful for. All positive thought attracts positive effects, so go to work on your mind thinking about what you want and attract that rather than attract what you do not wish for.

Deciding What You Want: Realize Dreams

To fulfill your desires, identify what you want, write it down as if you already had it. Write three affirmations that declare you have what you want. Envision and meditate on this ideal often reinforcing the possibility and watch as the universe brings your wishes to you.

Mary Sue Wallace

Mary Sue Wallace

Mary Sue Wallace is a metaphysical author who has written several books, including Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness. Her extensive research on the nature of consciousness and the human psyche explores early teachings, such as Christ and Buddha, and then expands to modern-day philosophies, including Jiddu Krishnaurti and Ernest Holmes.

Becoming Wise is currently available for purchase on Amazon, at, and select bookstores. Realize dreams.





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