Un – Retiring: A New Boomer Phenomena

| May 15, 2014 | 0 Comments | Email This Post Email This Post

HI Everyone…I hope your week is going well. Here at BloomerBoomer sometimes it seems like we devote maybe too much attention on retirement, and how to plan for it and enjoy retirement. Today we’re looking at the complete opposite of retiring…how about un-retiring. I mean we joke at these big time athletes who suddenly un-retire…like super swimming Olympian Michael Phelps who un-retired at 28. But seriously,,,we might be seeing it more now from those of us over 55 who for reasons as varied as you can imagine, want to un-retire.

To really find out whether their is truth to all that we talked to the CEO of the company CIC Wealth management….Ryan Wibberly to find out What really happens to
retirement plans when people change their mind and decide to go back to
work. Thanks for joining us Ryan. Even though we used a very young but now famous and presumably rich Michael Phelps as an example… he’s not typical but a starting point none the less.


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