Over 70 Start Up Entrepreneur

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Over 70 Start Up Entrepreneur

In an industry where ageism is commonplace and the average hire is only 26, savvy seniors are finally taking the NYC tech industry by storm.

Meet Jerry Swartz:

New York City resident, 76 years old, and cofounder of the Silicon Alley startup CityFunders, a real estate crowdfunding portal. Jerry initially found success in NYC commercial real estate finance and, more recently, transitioned into the booming world of equity crowdfunding.


CityFunders to launch the first New York City-exclusive real estate investment crowdfunding marketplace. Led by a team of New York City real estate professionals with more than ninety years of collective experience, investors are now able to participate in a wide range of multi-million dollar debt and equity deals including multi-family, hospitality, commercial and industrial properties located in NYC.

CityFunders could fundamentally changes the way investors can participate in the nation’s, if not the world’s most vibrant, and profitable real estate market. The platform streamlines investing in New York City real estate deals—the most complex in the United States—and shatters the barriers to entry for the retail investor


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