Life Passions – Over 55

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theONswitch team is a bright and timeless crew, led by Nancy A. Shenker, a 50-something marketing- and digital media-savvy woman. She has worked at the C-level of big brand companies and helped 100s of small businesses prosper.

Now, imagine Wonder Woman teaming up with Super Girl!

theONswitch is inspired every day by digitally-fluent marketing associates, who know exactly which buttons to push and how to reach the masses.

Then we engage, in the right combination, talented professionals with specialized skills — who have worked with us for years — JUST to handle your business. You get an entire marketing department – hand-picked specifically for you – without the headaches of search, management, and training. You also don’t pay for lots of overhead.

It’s like getting a customized suit – that fits you perfectly (or something like that).

You can learn more about Nancy at


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