Life Passions -Author of the “God’s Lions” series John Lyman

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Podcasts for Baby Boomers

Podcasts for Baby Boomers

Meet John Lyman, a best-selling author who recently retired from a 30 year career as an ICU, ER, trauma flight nurse and level one trauma center supervisor to focus on his writing. John has self-published four novels, all of which have reached the number 1 spot in several genres, both in the U.S. and the UK. He is a resident of Tucson, Arizona, where he now writes full time. John’s first book, “The Secret Chapel” is currently in development for a major motion picture with Kuys Entertainment Group, and he has been brought on board to collaborate with two other screenwriters (who work at Warner Brothers Studios on the CBS series, “The Mentalist”). The author initially chose to release his titles via Amazon’s indie publishing platforms after reading several books on how to get an agent, write a book proposal, etc., and becoming completely overwhelmed. He decided right then and there that self-publishing was the best way to go for a debut novelist without a track record. He figured that if the books had merit, it would eventually get noticed – and they certainly did! He was soon signed by a well-known agent on the West Coast and his writing career continues to skyrocket.


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