Healthy Eating From 85 Year Old Registered Nurse/Entrepreneur

| March 13, 2017 | 0 Comments | Email This Post Email This Post

The battle of the bulge starts early in life…you even see tiny tot toddlers with extra belly rolls and as we get older it gets so much tougher to keep our midriff in check. So when I read a blurb about a local rendition of TV’s Biggest Losers contest and the winner a 69 year old man from Rockford, Illinois it caught my attention. Then when I learned the company that sponsored the contest delivers freshly prepared meals to homes nationwide…I was really intrigued and then when I found out the company is owned by an 85 year Registered Nurse from Marseilles, Illinois I figured we had to learn more. With a super cool name, Seattle Sutton started her company Seattle Suttons Healthy Eating. Seattle Sutton thanks so much for being here and it sounds like an early bloom to your business started during a conversation with your physician husband.


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