The Accidental Entrepreneur

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Judith amongst all her mannequins

Judith amongst all her mannequins

Judi Townsend, the founder of Mannequin Madness, is an “accidental entrepreneur.” While looking for a mannequin for an art project she ended up buying 50 mannequins on craigslist to start a mannequin rental business.

Although she had no prior experience with mannequins or in the retail industry, she has turned Mannequin Madness is one of the leading mannequin vendors on the internet. The company recycles  over 100,000 pounds of mannequins a year for retailers such as Nike, The Gap, Bebe and Nordstrom. The company has been featured in CNN, The NY Times, the Huffington Post and PBS. Judi has received numerous business awards including a technology grant from Intel corporation and a special achievement award from the Environmental Protection


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