Passions Over 55

A Soldiers Entry Into The Second Act

A Soldiers Entry Into The Second Act Yinon Weiss, CEO of RallyPoint, is able to provide expertise on a wide-range of topics within the military lifestyle, ranging from first-hand accounts through [...]

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Five Steps to Retire and Sell Your Business – Retirement Planning

This is the transcript:   Andy: Well hi everyone! I hope your week is going well. Now here is what we’re pondering – you’ve successfully started and grown your own business. But now, you can start [...]

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Manifest the life you truly desire, for baby boomers

Discover the magic of your potential, clear limitations and connect to your unique soul mission and deepest hopes. All reality starts with a vibration, a thought, a hope or a vision. Align yourself [...]

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A Business Plan For Life: Allison Rimm

The Transcription of Allison's interview with Andy Asher: Our next guest brings her business acumen to help answer that; she comes from the world of business, as we say, her name [...]

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50 Chicagoans Living with Passion and Purpose

BloomerBoomer started a new podcast interview show in 2014 about Life Passions over 55. The one thing that came back time and again are the stories of people around retirement age who find a new or [...]

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