Getting A Hard-On Following Prostate Surgery

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Getting A Hard-On Again

Hard-on following prostate surgery.

Remedy Other Than Viagra and Cialis

There are a lot of treatments for guys who can’t get a hard-on. There is one remedy doctors never told me about. The fanfare are miracle drugs Viagra and Cialis but I discovered 4 more cures including one that can help every guy and it’s free. A hard-on following prostate surgery.

Getting A Hard-On Following Prostate Surgery

How did I found out about these remedies?  It  was when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2014.  There is one thing todays world of medical practitioners won’t “tell” you.  Instead of directly advising they subtly prodded me a particular treatment possibly avoid repercussions later.  When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer my doctors liked the robotic prostatectomy (RAPR) which assists them with the intricate surgery.  RAPR made sense but there is radiation. I decided on the robotic approach.

Recovery Takes Time

The robot is supposed to help guys quickly get back to erections more quickly. That’s because  its precision that spares the delicate nerves that control bladder and sexual function.  One thing to warn about, it won’t get back to normal for quite awhile, no matter what your remedy.  I came up with 4 alternatives to pills and one that can help every guy to get a hard-on following prostate surgery.

Doctor Recommended Treatments Plus One

There are doctor recommended treatments and one they probably forget to tell you about.

1.  Pellet –  An applicator is used to place a tiny chemical pellet inside the tip of your penis.  It takes 10 minutes to absorb before you get an erection.  By the way the pellet and injection are not cheap, and for that matter neither is Viagra and Cialis. That story is for another day.

2.  Injection – This one sounds really painful that involves injecting a special drug into the spongy tissue of your penis and in about 10 minutes you can get a hard-on.

3.  Pump  and Ring – Once you get over the bizarreness of it, this one literally involves a device that fits over your cock and you pump it creating a vacuum that develops an erection, plus a ring to help things stay hard enough to actually have sex.

4. Time – Last but not least, give yourself time from when the time of surgery to getting back to anything close to normal.  No doctor shared that wisdom with me and I wish they had because I was worried I would never get it back after more than a year after my surgery.  I was feeling about 80-percent of normal but still no sign of an erection. Would I ever get it back?

Will The Hard-On Return?

Almost a year and a half after the surgery, those tell-tale signs of an erection were returning.  It may not be the animalistic hard- on you once knew.  But it did eventually return and maybe with more time those lustful sensations will be back 100%.


Author – Andy Asher – Bloomer Boomer

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